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Sustainable Growth Funds

We invest in high-growth, high-impact businesses where financial returns can go hand-in-hand with positive impacts for society

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The Bridges Sustainable Growth Funds invest  in high growth, high impact businesses. Our approach allows us to look at businesses in a different way, find and create investment opportunities, and invest in a broad range of sectors such as healthcare, education, leisure, consumer, business and financial services and manufacturing.

We are a hands-on investor and work in partnership with the companies we back, utilising our team’s specialist skills and the outstanding network of contacts. We proactively engage with management teams in social and environmental issues, not just to mitigate risks but to identify opportunities that can create additional value.

Since our first fund was launched in 2002, we have built a strong track record of supporting management teams to fulfil their growth ambitions, resulting in 10 successful exits generating multiples ranging from 1.6-22x.

Our investment approach has gained support from an increasing number of investors and we have now completed the successful fundraise of our third fund that closed at £125m in October 2013.


We typically invest £2m-£20m in businesses pursuing organic growth, buy and build and multi-site roll out strategies across any of our impact themes. In particular:

  • Growth businesses, typically with revenues of £5m to £50m, run by strong management teams and looking for investment to fund further growth, change of ownership  (MBOs/MBIs) or an acquisition strategy
  • Earlier stage businesses targeting a large addressable market that have already achieved sales traction, requiring investment to scale


Our portfolio companies operate in a broad range of sectors such as healthcare, education, leisure, consumer, business and financial services and manufacturing.



Bridges Ventures is proud of the investors that have backed our Sustainable Growth Funds. We thank them for their support. They include:


  • HSBC
  • Barclays Business Banking
  • Lloyds TSB Scotland plc
  • Citigroup
  • The Royal Bank of Scotland

Pension Funds

  • West Midlands Pension Fund
  • South Yorkshire Pensions Authority
  • Railways Pension Trustee Company Ltd
  • Merseyside Pension Fund

Trusts and Endowments

  • All Souls College
  • Merton College
  • R&S Cohen Foundation
  • Comic Relief
  • SHINE: Support and Help in Education

Corporate and others

  • 3i
  • Doughty Hanson
  • Wittington Investments
  • DCD Group
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Community Development Venture Capital Alliance
  • Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • RLAM (CIS) Limited


  • Dr Mike Lynch OBE
  • Jon Moulton
  • Richard Oldfield
  • Harvey McGrath
  • Lloyd Dorfman CBE
  • Sir Vernon Ellis
  • Sir Harry Solomon

Seeking investment?

We are actively looking for investment opportunities. Check our investment criteria and if your business fits in, please send us a business plan by email.