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Seeking Investment?

We are actively looking for new investments across our fund range

Sustainable Growth Funds

The funds provide growth equity and hands-on support to businesses looking to scale in sectors such as education, health and well-being, sustainable living, and those creating economic dynamism in underserved areas.

Please go to our Sustainable Growth Funds page for details about our investment criteria. If you think  your business fits in, please send us your business plan by email.

Property Funds

We currently manage three property funds which invest in properties in regeneration areas and buildings showing environmental leadership, and property-backed business that have potential to make strong financial returns as well as delivering social and environmental impact.

Please go to Property Funds page for more details about our investment criteria. Alternatively please contact us by email.

Social Sector Funds

Our Social Sector funds provide funding and support to social enterprises and charities to deliver services with high social impact.

Please check the Social Sector Funds page for more details about our investment criteria. If you require further information and you would like to speak to a member of the investment team, please get  in touch by email.